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Multi Touch panel

All-in-One Device

A remarkable all-in-one high tech device, Inspiring you to lead a better and smarter life. Embrace a new generation of modern technology and a new paradigm of interactive presentation.

Now you can delivery a dynamic presentation and engage with your audience interactively. It is now equipped with intelligent features such as :

  • Built-in Wireless Microphone
  • Auto Brightness Adjustment
  • Built-in Temperature monitoring
  • USB Media Player
  • 3D Video Processing
  • Auto Signal Recognition

Dual Operating System
Our panel is built-in with High Performances Dual Operating System

  • Built-in Android OS
  • Built-in Windows

All in One Device
Infinity Panel is a all in one device built convenient for you

  • Information / Data Document Management
  • Built-in Wifi Connectivity
  • Built-in Network Connectivity
  • Share and Store files conveniently
  • Enable easy excess to domestic and international data

Intelligent Front Panel
User-friendly features placed facing the front for easy access.

  • Built-in Wireless Microphone
  • Built-in Audio Stereo Surround Sound
  • Driveless Touch Technology, Plug and Play
  • Full Speed USB Communication Interface

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