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Joan Meeting Room Assistant
Save a space for your meeting. With Joan.

No more meeting room confusion, double bookings, or interrupted meetings. Display your meeting room reservations and book rooms on the spot with Joan. Make sure everybody has their meeting space when they need it.

Easy Setup
Joan connects to your Wi-Fi and the calendar you already use (G Suite - Google Apps, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and iCalendar). No need for additional software installations. It will display your calendar data at the meeting room door, where you need it the most.
Effortless Installation
Joan easily attaches to any surface with a set of elegant, self-adhesive magnets. Perfect even for modern glass partition walls. No cables, no hammering, and no need for an expensive office redesign.
Battery life of months
Joan is 99% more energy efficient than any other solution available. Forget about charging. Joan lasts up to three months on a single battery charge. Even more, Joan will remind you to charge the device in time with a friendly email.
The experience of real paper
The display has paper-sharp visibility and emits no light. Because it has no glare, Joan offers a 180° viewing angle. Its mission is not to distract but to simply blend in the office interior.
In the box
  • A wireless Joan device
  • A set of magnets for simple installation
  • Quick start guide
  • Micro USB cable
  • Access to the Joan dashboard
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