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50" All-in-One Free-Standing LED ePoster

The ViewSonic EP5012-L is a 50" all-in-one free-standing digital ePoster kiosk with a sleek, slim design. It delivers high-impact messaging in a number of venues including shopping malls, retail stores, office complexes and school buildings. Great for grabbing attention in busy, high-traffic areas, the EP5012-L comes with a scratch-proof tempered glass faceplate for added durability. Featuring Full HD 1080p resolution, 176°/176° wide-angle viewing, 450-nit brightness, 5,000:1 contrast ratio, and dual 6W stereo speakers, the EP5012-L delivers customized multimedia messaging with vivid clarity.

Photo and video files can be played back using the integrated media player and 8GB of internal memory, or directly from a USB hard drive. The bundled ePoster Manager Express Plus software make it easy to load and schedule customized multimedia content. Flexible HDMI, D-sub, USB (x2), and LAN connectivity also allow for additional content loading options from a PC or networkable media player.

The EP5012-L also features an Embedded media player platform, enabling the implementation of customized messaging applications. Simple auto on/off scheduling via an on-screen display, as well as a security lock design, making this a reliable, and easy-to-maintain digital signage solution.

Product Datasheet

Sleek, durable, free-standing design
ViewSonic’s EP5012-TL all-in-one free-standing ePoster featuring a sleek, slim premium design delivers dynamic, eye-catching messaging in high-traffic areas. Besides the attractive design, the EPT5012-TL is also durable, utilizing a tempered glass faceplate that offers scratch-proof protection to keep your ePoster looking new year after year.
Energy-Saving LED Backlight
The EP5012-L utilizes an energy-saving LED backlight that consumes 35% less power than conventional CCFL backlight displays. This provides for a lower overall cost of ownership, along with a higher ROI, making this display a great long-term investment.
Built-in media player for photo and video playback
The EP5012-L is equipped with a built-in media player that allows high-quality photos and 1080p video to be broadcast directly on-screen from the ePoster’s internal memory or an attached USB drive. Best of all, this reliable all-in-one e-poster effortlessly displays dynamic content with no crashes, freezes or lost content.
8GB memory for easy USB content-loading
The EP5012-L is capable of loading, storing and playing hours and hours of high-definition multimedia content thanks to its 8GB of built-in shock-resistant, solid-state memory. It also comes with USB port for that let you have greater access to different sources of content.
Effective remote scheduling enterprise-wide
Great for updating content on ViewSonic ePosters enterprise-wide, ePoster Manager Express Plus software lets users transfer multimedia content remotely from any Windows PC or laptop. This software also makes it possible to schedule content, allowing you to effectively reach your target audience. Content can also be loaded onto the EP5012-L via LAN connection or USB hard drive.
Full HD for superior true-colour performance
The ViewSonic EP5012-L displays content in Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution to deliver superior pixel-by-pixel true-colour performance. At this resolution and brightness, high-definition multimedia messaging can be seen crystal-clear for a more realistic viewing experience.
Versatile inputs and first-time configuration settings
With a versatile selection of inputs, including HDMI, VGA, USB and RJ45, the EP5012-L enables you to easily connect a variety of devices and content sources, such as mini-PCs and media players, for straightforward content loading. Plus, you can pre-set your configuration settings for future content uploading.
Create an auto on/off schedule that fits your business
Schedule times and dates are subject to change. That’s why the EP5012-L provides a user-friendly scheduling function with on-screen interface. Now you can optimize your display custom scheduling to selected times and days, letting you save energy and maintenance hours. This ensures that your ePoster runs to schedule automatically and smoothly—just the way you want it to.
Built-in dual 6-watt speakers
Featuring powerful integrated 6W stereo speakers, the EP5012-L combines eye-catching multimedia content with high-quality sound effects - creating an incredible audio-visual impression on your target audience.
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